Big Summer For InDiggNation

by Sadie-Ann Flemming

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The Entertainment industry has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic bringing events, stage shows, and concerts to a total halt. Entertainment practitioners including artistes, musicians, and producers have to utilize their creativity to maintain relevance amongst fans and as a means to earn.

Virtual parties, Verzuz battles, and Instagram Live performances have been the order of the day. An attempt to restart the entertainment industry in Jamaica woefully failed as insufficient adherence to COVID 19 protocols contributed to the exponential rise in COVID-19 positive cases. Even though parties and events have returned to a standstill, great music is still being produced. Entertainment lovers have been grateful for all the new projects to soothe their souls in these difficult times.

The Protoje led In.Digg.Nation Collective has been releasing great music and visuals starting with Lila Ike’s EP “The ExPerience”, released on May 15th. Sevana was next with her EP, “Be Somebody”, released on July 31st. Protoje’s 5th studio album, "In Search Of Lost Time", sealed the trilogy of top tier music projects released by the In.Digg.Nation Collective label. “In Search of Lost Time” was released on August 28th.

In.Digg.Nation Collective was founded in 2014 by Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Protoje with a mission “to unite like-minded talent and evolve Jamaica’s limitless export of music”.  There is an exciting resurgence of conscious, organic music in Jamaica, and industry experts and observers agree that Protoje is a forefront figurehead in what has become known as “The Reggae Revival.”

The continued expansion and development of In.Digg.Nation Collective took another huge step forward as Protoje signed a deal with American music behemoth RCA Records and Six Course on Monday, April 13. The new deal will see Lila Ike, Sevana and Protoje himself “release projects through a multi-album venture”. The first project released under this new agreement was Lila Ike’s hit single “I Spy”, produced by grammy-winning producer Izy Beats.

Archie Davis, CEO of Six Course Media Group, and Senior VP of Marketing at RCA Records was upbeat about the signed deal. “I’m honored to partner with Protoje and his In.Digg.Nation Collective, along with Lila Iké and Sevana to contribute to the future of reggae music,” said Davis.

Join us next time as we take a more detailed look at all the projects released by In.Digg.Nation Collective going into, and during the summer.

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