Buju Banton Performed “Buried Alive” on ‘The Daily Show’ With Trevor Noah

Buju Banton Performed “Buried Alive” on ‘The Daily Show’ With Trevor Noah

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While doing an interview on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Buju Banton performed his latest track “Buried Alive”

Whenever there are conversations across the subject matter of the outstanding orators of reggae music, Buju Banton is not exempted from the list of popular artiste such as Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, or Peter Tosh.  Buju had an interview online with the host of The Daily ‘Social Distancing’ Show, Trevor Noah, where he spoke about his hopes for the future and his music which is a part of his new album Upside Down 2020.

During the interview, Buju Banton clarified that whilst the effect of his tune is recognized globally, he would not consider himself as a legend but rather a servant of reggae. Reggae music is a tune that comes from Jamaicans said the “Hills and Valley” singer.

The entertainer experienced his own hills and valleys in 2009 when he was charged and sentenced to 10 years in prison in the United States on drug charges but only served 7 years and was released in December 2018.

In regards to the affection he got from the about 40,000 fans that tuned in to witness the Gargamel on his first post-launch display at The National Stadium, he stated, "So coming home and seeing my people in the National Stadium to celebrate that moment with me and people from all over the world it was like Noah, not Trevor, building an ark,” he joked.

‘Til Shiloh launched in 1995 and Inna Heights released in 1997 are considered Buju Banton’s and reggae’s most influential albums, because of their socially awareness teachings and true to the roots reggae riddim patterns.

When asked how his music speaks to the lack of freedom human beings face, Buju stated that “Music is more than a tune that you dance to but rather something to exercise your mind, the ability to think and learn something.  Buju, whose name is Mark Anthony Myrie also states that he wanted to make music that will influence and educate people on all levels whilst giving them tremendous joy.

Gargamel who additionally boasts hits such as “Me and Oonu,” “Bogle,” “Batty Rider,” and “Big It Up,” confessed that “when you hear or see Buju Banton, positivity is an important element that you’re gonna get.” However, he additionally cited that, “You gonna get tune to gyrate however, you gonna get something positive.”

Comedian/host Trevor Noah joked that Buju might also additionally have had a few perception into simply what a tumultuous 2020 could be, or he might also have had a hand to play with inside the numerous activities that has been unfolded; subsequently the purpose for blessing the album Upside Down 2020 before the year even started.

Upon acknowledging the mild humor, Buju pressed on in positivity with the aid of using deeper introspections as a way to bring forth profound changes.

While talking about his album and how inspiring it is, he gave credit to the higher being that flows through each man, which teaches unification and oneness. While Buju sees reggae music as third world music, he agrees with Trevor Noah that “the impact is still far reaching.” Buju Banton did a prior interview on On-Stage with Winford Williams where he spoke on the shortfalls of music being produced in Jamaica. He indexed Vybz Kartel as one of the most effective entertainers generating whatever substance in Jamaica.

The “Driva” the deejay’s album was launched on June 26, 2020, the same day that Vybz Kartel dropped off ‘Of Dons & Divas. Both albums landed on Billboard’s Reggae Albums chart. However, after some weeks Upside Down 2020 persisted to hang to spots close to the pinnacle of the charts in the meantime Vybz Kartel’s challenge fell drastically. While breaking down the format of Buju 20 song masterpiece, which sees 10 tracks devoted to his almost decade lengthy incarceration and the last 10 to the future, The host asked Buju what he desires to see in the future.

“Peace, Peace and Love,” responded the Gargamel.

The Grammy Award-prevailing musician culminated The Daily Show function with a stay overall performance of “Buried Alive.”


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