Charly Black Scores Another Huge Dancehall Hit With “Sidung”

Charly Black Scores Another Huge Dancehall Hit with “Sidung”

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Since the release of the new hit on July 8 2020, Charly Black’s new dancehall hit “Sidung” has long past viral with the track getting over 12 million views on Youtube.  The video for the TJ produced track was blessed with direction from SimeonDiGreat, who took no stops in bringing across a truly raunchy and provocative clip. The visuals fit perfectly with the secret meetups Charley conveys through his equally provocative vocals. It's safe to say that sex sells, and clearly, Charly Black has hit the motherload with “Sidung,” which secured over 2.1 million views in its first week. The deejay used a hilarious post of a gentleman singing numbers to question how his over 239k Instagram fans viewed the video.

Thanks to whatever Charly Black and his Team Unstoppable camp did to make “Sidung,” a whopping 600% more than it did in its first week of launching.

One viewer commented that “This now no longer even fashion range forty so the way it have a lot perspectives in weeks a purchase your purchase perspectives me certain a that due to the fact your different tune this yearr now no longer even attain 500k,”. “This song has gone viral too fast,” went another observant. Meanwhile, another viewer seemingly hinted at his reason for stopping by to watch, “That poster is responsible for the millions of views.”

Jamaica’s Youtube Trending chart is presently topped by Koffee’s “Lockdown,” which broke the Jamaican document for the fastest track to attain the 1 million Youtube views mark.  The 40-year-old has had one of the biggest collaborations this year, “Over Again,” which featured R&B singer Ne-Yo which was uploaded on March 27 which only secured a little over 280 thousand views. 

Charly Black released another steamy female anthem in May titled, “Fuego” and it has been steadily climbing the charts with 281,101 views. “Sidung” broke past all the others with massive numbers.

Questions are larking on who are watching the video and why? The comment section of this video had most persons speaking English and Spanish as well as Charly’s core fanbase from latin areas. Charly Black is no stranger to numbers, having secured over 86 million views with his hit single, “Party Animal.”

However, it's unknown as to why Jamaicans have not caught wind of this tremendous hit as such numbers should readily secure the attention of others who boast about their impressive stream.


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